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Information Literacy: What Can The Library Do For You?

To schedule library instruction for a class, contact Liz Cashman, Head of Information Literacy and Instruction Services, at or 413-782-1537.

What Can The Library Do For You?

The library instruction team is ready and willing to help with any information- or research-related course or assignment you may have. We offer a variety of ways to structure our interactions with your classes:

One-shot instruction sessions A one-off class focused on addressing a focused set of concepts. These work well for providing guidance for a particular research project or demonstrating specific research skills or tools.
Embedded librarian (2+ sessions in a course) A collaborative approach in which the librarian serves as a class resource alongside the teaching faculty member. This is optimal for research-intensive, problem-based courses.
Embedded librarian (within a major)

An approach in which a librarian liaises with an entire department, meeting the research and teaching needs of its faculty members on an as-needed basis.

LA 275: Guided Research for Thesis and Project Writers A one-credit elective course to recommend to students who are concurrently involved in a research project for another class. Participants get individualized feedback on their research work and are provided opportunities for learning advanced research skills.
Do More at D'Amour workshops Extracurricular workshops of a general nature which introduce more advanced research concepts and technologies. These are effective for self-motivated students who are able to independently apply what they have learned to their schoolwork.
Research Guides A research tool designed specifically for a discipline specific class. Specialized databases, books, and open-access resources to address the focused topic of a course.

Individual or team appointments

Individualized guidance on a specific research issue that tends to be more complex than can be resolved in 10 minutes at the reference desk. Given information about the issue before the appointment, the librarian can more effectively prepare suggestions for new research tools or strategies.
Assignment consultations An opportunity to develop a research assignment along with a librarian who can provide support for ensuring the assignment maximizes the potential for information literacy learning in an authentic, transferrable manner. 

What Can You Do?

In order to maximize the impact of these sessions on students' information literacy learning, we encourage faculty to 

  • schedule library instruction sessions for their classes early in the semester,
  • incentivize student participation in assignments and class discussion,
  • provide an assignment to which students can apply learned skills, and
  • accompany students to the workshop and participate in discussion along with them.