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How to Cite

What's Here?

Citations lets your reader to know what outside sources you called up when working on your paper, project or assignment. The information in citations often includes the author, title, publisher, URL, date of publication, and others, depending on the citation style and type of source used.

You will use citations in two ways while writing a paper: 

  • In-text Citations: short references within the body of your paper that refer to a full works cited or reference list at the end.
  • Works Cited/Reference List: A full list of all the sources cited in-text, with all the information required by the citation style.

Citation styles contain instructions for how to format in-text citations and the reference list. Some, like APA, also contain instructions for how to format things like cover pages, margins, and even what fonts to use.

This guide contains links to resources on some of the common citation styles used here at WNE. Use the links on the left to find your citation style.

Not sure what citation style to use? Check your assignment, syllabus, or ask your professor.